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And I’m late.

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Anonymous asked: (another anon) hmm. I'm in a similar situation as you. In my experience I've come to realise that, the more I try to make friends, the harder it seems to get any. In the end, I've realised that the best way is to just don't make any effort in making friends. If by chance I'm ina situation that involves "having to talk to someone", I just do it and whatever happens, happens. If we're meant to be friends, we'll be friends, you know?

Yeah, I understand that much. I’ve been doing that kind of stuff, but I always get discouraged and push myself away to avoid getting hurt. Then I complain about it and people spend the next hour rolling their eyes. I think it’s just a moodswing.

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Anonymous asked: thanks for replying, that helped. But now I'm super scared about the rotting theeth stuff. Some days ago I had a dream of that kind. Well come to think of it, it wasn't about my teeth rotting, it's just that my wisdom tooth cracked and began to break and fall off, something like that

Yeah, but it’s not always death either. If you really have a toothache or you have some health problems concerning your mouth, it could be you reflecting on that in your dreams. If it was one specific tooth, I doubt. But if it’s a row of teeth, it usually means death or sickness.

I just looked up stuff and teeth can mean a poorly talked conversation that went bad. It could be your wisdom in that debate may have crumbled. Dreams don’t always make sense, but they find ways of playing words. Like dreaming of being a boar means you think you’re boring irl.

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Anonymous asked: ah well *hugs you* at least it could be worse. Just keep on trying to make friends by yourself, if it doesn't work out, at least you gained social experience lol cheer up

No. I’m getting sick of trying and only failing to be interesting enough or worthy enough.

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Anonymous asked: ohh that sucks :/ do u know what it mean when you dream about death? I've been dreaming a lot about it lately..:o

Death in dreams hardly means death. But really usual things like boats, rotten teeth, weddings and so on usually mean death. Death in dreams depends on who you’re seeing and what’s going on. Like ghosts can be something that’s haunting you, like a feeling or trait. Seeing dead people you know can mean there’s someone or something in your waking life that reminds you of them. Note that dead people almost never talk in dreams, but when they do, listen carefully to what they say. That advice may be the thing you need. It sounds superstitious but the brain always makes up solutions to problems irl, so if the dead person gives advice, it’s what they would have said about the problem when they were alive.

Dreaming about the dead isn’t a bad dream. It can be sad, but it’s not anything of negative connotations. Death might just mean life. You feel like life is dead, or life is hard. Death just shows up because it’s a normal thing in our lives. It just happens. It’s the weird dreams that don’t make sense that you need to look out for.

Also, dreaming about being dead might be your own feelings about your situation. You may feel emotionally drained and even lonely.

Dreaming about dead people around you can mean there are bad influences and people in your life who are causing drama and pulling your strings. You may need to clear out that graveyard if you don’t want to smell the stench chaos.

I know that seeing the sky dark and ugly means death as well. I’ve had that dream and another death dream. Those dreams are eerily right because people I know have died after them. Creepy.

I do know that rotting teeth is a VERY bad sign because it can be either your death or someone you know.

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I realize the only real friends that stick around are the ones who first encounter me. It’s like everyone I try being friends with just doesn’t care.. It just feels like life is screaming at me “you can’t choose your friends, dinkwad”and that mildly distresses me…

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I had a lot of kitten / cat dreams… That’s not a good sign. It usually means enemies and I feel like drama might be on the way.

I am lonely, yet not everybody will do. I don’t know why, some people fill the gaps and others emphasize my loneliness.
- Anaïs Nin (via quoteofmylife-x)


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